30 Home Organizing Moves in 30 Days
March 7, 2016 | By Ayi Anigan

30 Home Organizing Moves in 30 Days

Who doesn't want a clutter-free home? Apparently, organizing your home is a gruesome, time-consuming task that requires more than 24 hours of your time.

Here's good news for you: getting your home organized from top to bottom doesn't have to be tiring. All it takes is to finish one task per day and you are on your way towards a cleaner, clutter-free, and organized home.

Let's begin.

Day 1: Identify the Clutter

Clutter is defined as the collection of things lying around in an untidy mass. It is those things that keep your home from what you want them to be. In other words, clutter is the too much and too many in your home.

Before you put your organize-my-home mode on, you should first identify what the clutters are in your home. This way, it will be easier for you to determine which ones to keep and throw away.

Day 2: Boxes and Labels

Those clear boxes you see in the department store are there for a reason. Aside from providing additional storage, they are there to make your lives easier and more organized. At the same time, they come in variety of sizes to fit your organizing needs. Don't forget to paste labels on it to make it easier for you to identify which goes where.

Day 3: Be Book Smart

Instead of filling your shelves with books from one end to the other, try to spice up the look by laying some in flat. You can also place photos, accessories, and other home paraphernalia on top of the books to give your shelf a fresh look.

Day 4: Unify Your Kitchen Utensils

Check your kitchen utensils and get rid of the broken or unused ones. Use drawer separators to keep your utensils organized in your drawer.

Day 5: Purge Your Pantry

Check your pantry and see if there are any food items that need to go. Throw anything that has expired and don't forget to make a list of the things you need.

Day 6: Think Food Zones

It's all about grouping similar food together. Stack canned goods in one place, place dry goods like pasta and rice in one row, put your baking ingredients in another row, and dedicate a specific area for your kids' foods. It would help if you place food of the same group in a box to keep it more organized.

Day 7: The Power of Hooks

To save space in the kitchen, hang your mugs and cups on an under-mounted cabinet rod using S-hooks. This could give your kitchen a new look too.

Day 8: The Pots and Pans

There are many ways to organize pots and pans. You can store them under sink according to size, install shelf organizers, or hang them. Make sure to consider your existing space before deciding on what to do with your pots and pans.

Day 9: Invest In Tupperware and Freezer-Ready Containers

Your refrigerator is surely one of the most cluttered areas in your home. Invest in durable containers to minimize mess. Store leftover food, frozen products, and snacks in clear containers and stack them inside your ref. You'll be surprised with how much space you can save too.

Day 10: Attack The Closet

Now is the time to fix you and your kids' closets. Identify which clothing items should stay or go and consider donating them to charity. Thereafter, organize what's left whether by color, frequency of use, or simply fold them away neatly.

Day 11: Jewelry and Accessories Matter

Can't find an earring? Having a hard time untangling your necklaces? Accessories may not take up too much space in your cabinet but this could be among the messiest areas in the room. You can use drawer dividers or unused dishes to classify and group your earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and watches.

Day 12: Double the Bars

Instead of having one closet rod, consider installing another rod below to increase your clothing storage. Tops, shirts, and blazers could go on top while skirts and pants can go on the bottom.

Day 13: Don't Forget the Shoes

Do you have a pair of shoes you always wear? Consider getting hanging shoe storage and place it at the back of the door. You can also place your shoes in clear plastic boxes so you can easily see which is which. The same goes with your partner and kids' shoes.

Day 14: An "At the End of the Day" Bowl

Admit it. The last thing you need at the end of the day is to sort things out. Perhaps, place an attractive bowl on top of your dresser for spare change, receipts, and anything inside your pocket. Then, designate a specific day of the week to go through this bowl and do some sorting.

Day 15: Sort Your Beddings

Ideally, you should have three sets of sheets per bed – one in use, one in the cabinet, and the last set in the laundry. Sometimes, you want more than three beddings for variety. To keep your beddings organized, put the fitted and flat sheets and pillow cases folded inside another pillow case. This way, it will be easier for you to stack and get a set anytime.

Day 16: Organize Your Toiletries

Just like what you did in the kitchen, toss cosmetics and skincare products that are expired and empty. Then, fix them accordingly in the shelf. In case you don't have enough space, try placing your toiletries in a makeup bag with handle and hang it.

Day 17: On a Roll

Roll your towels and small washcloths and place them in bins or baskets. This way, you save some space that you can use for other items plus it looks nicer and organized too.

Day 18: File Those Papers

File or keep together manuals, warranty cards, tax receipts, bills, and other important documents in an expandable envelope. Then, identify which papers you can still use for scratch, in case your little ones decide to doodle.

Day 19: Cable Organizers

Seeing those cables tangled and over and on top of each other could be annoying to look at. Consider getting cable organizers and tuck them away for a tidier look.

Day 20: Repurpose Tin Cans and Old Jars

Instead of buying, get and clean old jars and use them to organize small items like paper clips, pencils, binder clips, crayons, and pens among others. Place them on a shelf for easier access.

Day 21: Keep Your Remotes Controlled

Do you have a remote that you use on your appliances? Don't waste time looking for them. Rather, designate a bin or basket where you can place all the remotes for your TV, aircon, and DVD player – and make sure to put them back after use.

Day 22: Organize the Kids' Zone

This could be your battlefield so make sure you start early. Remember the boxes and labels tip above? Employ that technique in your kids' area. Sort all their toys and make sure to put labels on it so you and your little ones will know which toy goes where. Set aside a low shelf for all their books and fix them according to your preference. Use tin cans to hold your kids' arts and crafts materials. Don't forget to designate an area where they can read, write, and do anything they want.

Day 23: Tackle the Medicine and First-Aid Cabinet

Check your medicine cabinet to see if there are any expired prescriptions and medications. Use small boxes or tin cans to store bandage, band-aids, and other first-aid paraphernalia. Wipe the interior surface to keep it clean.

Day 24: Consider Going Vertical In the Garage

For bikes, skateboards, and other athletic equipment, hanging them vertically will not only keep your garage organized but also free up space in the area. You can also use peg boards and include rakes, hose, and other large items hanging on the wall.

Day 25: Tidy Up Your Tools

Baskets will come in handy to keep your garage more organized. Classify your tools together and place them according to their corresponding baskets.

Day 26: Turn Your Collectibles Into An Artful Display

Are you running out of space for your figurines or small collectibles? Consider displaying them in windowsills or place them in the center table in your living room. This could give any room a new, unconventional look too.

Day 27: Have a Family Change Jar

Surely, you have tons of coins dangling in your pocket. In case you don't want loose change lying anywhere, have a jar where you can put all your coins – and everyone should contribute. Then, decide on how to use those coins once the jar is full.

Day 28: Designate a Recycling and Donations Center at Home

Let's face it. Your home has tons of things, half of them you don't really need. Instead of throwing them away, consider donating some of your old clothes and unused and outgrown toys to charitable institutions. At the same time, check if there is something you can recycle like tin cans, old jars, papers, and the like. Designate an area in your home for recycling and donation and fill it up on a regular basis. This minimizes clutter too.

Day 29: Set Up a Command Center

This area should be in a common area where everyone else at home can see easily. The command center is the area where you place reminders, schedules, and even your weekly menu planning. In this case, corkboard or clipboard could be your best friend.

Day 30: Stick to It

Now that you have a cleaner, more organized home, the next thing you should do is to make sure you will keep it that way. One advantage of organizing your home one day at a time is that you are able to set up organization tools and simply fill up those boxes when needed.

Have fun organizing your home.

Ayi is a former law student turned freelance writer, mompreneur, and stay-at-home mom. When her kids are in their most behaved state, she documents her adventures as a mom on The Momma Chronicles, tries to bring out her inner kitchen goddess, do her best to put her kids’ toys in appropriate boxes, and makes her home as organized and clutter-free as possible.


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